The urban boutique “Espresso Bar” franchise was established in 1992 by four family members. The small and trendy branch on the corner of Yavneh and Montefiore in Tel Aviv brought the Italian concept of cappuccino, latte, macchiato and tramezzini, together with a European design inspired by the cafes of Paris. The unique and innovative design, the quality beverages not sold at the time, coupled with the vision of being an integral part of the daily life of more and more people turned the branch into an overnight sensation. The family awoke the local entertainment culture, instilled a new terminology and of course claimed the very well known term “Espresso Bar”. The branch became a franchise which created an innovative and classic culture of leisure and lifestyle in the consumption of coffee and is an endless source of inspiration to this day. The boutique franchise continues to be dynamic and innovative, pleasantly and personally attuned, adapting itself to the changing of the times, to the people who fill its cafes and the locations where it can be found, while maintaining strict quality standards without compromise.