“Espresso Bar Bakery” is the house bakery of the group. The “Bakery” is the sole producer for the franchise’s branches for all of its special “patisserie” products: the butter pastries, the house cookies, the colorful quiches and the exciting desserts served and prepared in the group’s cafes.  Our new Pastry chef Rosenberg Tamir, former "Tatti" pastry chef, is trusted with the creative development and production, and chooses the freshest and best ingredients, with plenty of love and without preservatives or baking enhancers, and those with a European tradition. The house menu includes cakes with chocolate, cinnamon, ricotta, chocolate and halva, Babka cakes made from carrots and nuts, a wide range of cookies made from granola, nuts, chocolate chips, tahini, jam, butter, cinnamon, and more mini sweet surprises.