In the framework of the development of the group and in collaboration with “Schultz Quality Catering”, Espresso Bar coffee spots are quick and branded to the benefit of the employees. At the express spots, Espresso Bar offers, in addition to the excellent coffee, a wide range of full and bite-sized sandwiches, muesli from sheep-milk yogurt, fresh and healthy salads, pastas with a variety of sauces, lasagna, quiches, soups from seasonal vegetables, and fresh sushi. All from the production house of Espresso Bar and from the trustworthy hands of the group’s chef, Ido Lev. The butter pastries, sweet pastries, cakes, cookies and healthy snacks are mainly baked on site and originate from the “Bakery” of the group under the trust of pastry chef Yaniv Barhom. The spots offer the variety of dishes as part of an employee lunch through a pay slip coordinated with the company, or by cash at special prices.