The Espresso Bar kitchen offers varied and precise menus, refreshing throughout the year, offering breakfast at any hour, crispy sandwiches from a variety of breads, fresh salads prepared on the spot and well prepared toasts. Additionally, each branch offers a unique bistro menu that is unique according to the location, size and character of the branch. The menu, with a strong molding of an Italian kitchen, is comprised of appetizers/antipasti’s, pastas, pizzas and entrées. Among the appetizers: eggplant crème in tahini, quinoa tabuleh, beet Carpaccio and salmon bruschetta. The pasta dishes include: aglio olio, pomodoro and alfredo, fresh pasta dishes such as salmon pappardelle, spinach and ricotta, tortellini and ravioli, as well as entrées of fish, chicken, beef and even seafood. Just when you have an appetite for dessert… cakes and pastries handmade in the private bakery of the Espresso Bar group, an apple tart and pastries in a variety of flavors, or desserts prepared at the restaurant such as the cassata or Belgian waffle. As befits a restaurant, there is a selection of alcoholic beverages and a wine menu.
The choice of the ingredients and make up of the dishes is entrusted to our new chef of the group Raz Saar, who chooses local and seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on freshness and healthy nutrients. espresso bar uses the best quality olive oil from the geshur region in the Golan Heights, for the muesli dish, the excellent sheep-milk yogurt from the Jacobs Farm, and the premier tahini is brought from Alarez in Nazareth.
There is sourdough bread with whole wheat or grains, quinoa and tofu, and a vegan menu!